The Fundamentals of FreedomCare?

Universality, Affordability and Quality are all elements that everyone wants from their health care, but the reality of the situation is that no system in the United States of America has provided all three. The options for those that are liberty minded are for an affordable system that has the highest quality possible. This combination cannot exist in a universal health care system managed by the government. The United States of America was built on the principles and ideals of freedom, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the opportunity to pursue whatever it is they wanted to pursue in a free market.

Limited government and decreased regulation have been the hallmark of our freedom. One type of regulation that has been consistently supported by the majority has been the constraints against monopolies especially in the areas of finance and insurance. Congress needs experienced professionals in the fields of Healthcare and Finance to establish effective policies that helps all American by preserving a competitive landscape for all aspects of the healthcare industry.

Health Care touches everyone. It affects our businesses, our households, and more importantly our own health and quality of life. The healthcare industry is easily the most complex industry in the world and our very own government has created some of that complexity by inundating it with regulations. I understand the intricacy of the situation they face in Washington. My approach for reforming the health care system is the framework for simplifying the system while offering the American people a greater number of options to choose from.

The most important thing to consider when coming up with a plan is the people it impacts. Health care is by definition an issue dealing with our humanity. It is a responsibility incumbent upon all individuals for themselves and their families. It causes us to put people first and not be swayed by cronyism or financial interests of any group or partisan politics. The care givers and the politician must truly care about patients and those in government must be guided by the principles to uphold life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We know from our founding documents that government was instituted to protect and preserve our Natural Rights. Our rights do not come from Government nor do they come from society. They are fixed and immutable. Therefore, the proper role of government is to serve the governed and create an environment for them to exercise their natural rights.

We need Freedom Care to be non-partisan and supported and embraced from the families to the neighborhoods to every necessary level of cooperation within our system of government. We need a system that enables the caregivers and the patients to do what is right always with no wasted efforts or resources. It can be done when done cooperatively.

“Healthcare is the only business where the customer comes in a vulnerable state and it is for this reason that we have a greater responsibility to extend grace and care.” – David Balat

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