I am honored to have the endorsements of elected officials, grassroots activists, industry leaders, and community leaders. These individuals believe I am the right person for the job we have in DC. We need a strong constitutional conservative who will fight for our founding principles.

Precinct Chairs and Senate District Chairs in Harris County

Beth Akin
SD #13 Chair, Precinct Chair 297, Founder Citizen Action Workshop
Steven K. Howell
Precinct Chair 039
Judy Lanum
Precinct Chair 0050
Mike Stanart
Precinct Chair 270
Tim Taft
Precinct Chair 298
Sonny Khatua
Precinct Chair 345
Philip Waite
Precinct Chair 400, Host of the People's Townhall
Gabriel Gonzales
Precinct Chair 417
Thomas L. Korkmas
Precinct Chair 492
Brian Taef
Precinct Chair 558
Sarah Huyhn
Precinct Chair 567
Bobby Fuller
Precinct Chair 588
Charles Cupples
Precinct Chair 646
Tammi L. Strum
Precinct Chair 649
Eric Standlee
Precinct Chair 669
“Doc” Greene
Precinct Chair 709, Host of The Amazing Doc Greene Show
Omar Khawaja
Precinct Chair 711
Jim McSpadden
Precinct Chair 727
Jay Lewchanin
Precinct Chair 748
Dan Comstock
Precinct Chair 759
Russell Rush
Precinct Chair 835
Kay Tyner
Precinct Chair 862
Jeanne Hall
Precinct Chair 891
Leo Kozadinos
Precinct Chair 896
Mike Sauerzopf
Precinct Chair 938

Elected Officials, Community Leaders, Organizations, and Activists in Harris County

Texas Asian Republican Club
Houston Area COGIC PAC
Constable Ryan Gable
Montgomery County Precinct 3
Hon. Steve Le, M.D.
City of Houston Councilman District F
Mayor Jim Pappas
Mayor of Hunters Creek Village
Mayor Tom Ramsey
Mayor of Spring Valley Village
Hon. Roman F Reed
City of Bellaire Mayor Pro Tempore and Po. 1
Hon. Sheri Sheppard
City of Jersey Village Council Member Place 5
Hon. Brian Thompson
City of Piney Point Village Position No. 5
Sam and Louise Lange-Caldwell
Former Precinct Chair 199
Chris Busby
Former Houston Young Republican President
Kenneth Depew
Veteran, Former Ted Cruz Staffer
David Gratvol
Former Precinct Chair 148, Grassroots Activist
Daniel Jara
Secretary and former President of the Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Professionals
Sunny Sharma
Rotary Past District Governor, District 5890
Paul Vo
Former President of the Texas Asian Republican Club


Dr. Kevin Wacasey, M.D.
CHAIRMAN - Direct Primary Care Physician & Author
Dr. Mirza Baig, M.D., Ph.D.
Neurosurgeon - Neuro Care Partners
Valerie Berger, MSN
Chief Nursing Officer
Paula Buhr, R.N., B.S.
Registered Nurse
Randy Butler
CEO - Health Care Executive
Dr. Lucky Chopra, M.D.
CEO - Advanced Diagnostics
Armand Cummings, C.S.T.
Certified Surgical Technician
Marilyn H. Cummings, MBA., RN., ANOD
Chief Nursing Officer
Art Goetze
CEO - Aliere Advisors
Dr. Geetinder Goyal, M.D.
Direct Primary Care Physician and Health Care CEO
Steve Jackson, C.P.A.
Health Care CFO
Dr. Nadeem Jamil, M.D.
Family Practice Physician
Zelman Joseph, C.P.A.
Health Care CFO
Cheryl Kelley MSN, BSN, RN
OR Nursing Director
Dr. Camil Kreit, M.D.
Family Practice Physician
Richard Lee
Health Care Executive
Jonathon Loo, MS, BS, MLS, (ASCP)
CM Lab Director
Heath Lovell
Health Care CEO
Don McCormick
Health Insurance Executive
Dr. George Miller, M.D.
Dr. Sami Ouais, M.D.
Colonel Olga Rodriguez, R.N.
US Army (Retired) - Chief Nursing Officer
Dr. H.D. Patel, M.D.,
Partner - GI Specialists of Houston
P.V. Patel
Nuclear Technologist
Ethan Sanders
Founder and Executive Vice President
Dr. Ifepo Sofola, M.D.
Partner - Allergy & ENT Associates
Dr. Navin Subramanian
M.D. - Spine Surgeon
Robert Turner
Hospital CEO
Dr. Shakeel Uddin, M.D
Dr. Arnold Valenson, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

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