David Balat’s Contract with District 2

“As your representative, I promise to fight for our family values and enact common sense conservative solutions that benefit our district, our state, and our nation. I am a Constitutional Conservative; and therefore, I pledge to always vote for bills that protect our Constitutional rights.”

I WILL adamantly protect our natural rights given to us by God, among which are life, liberty,
and property, to include working to protect ALL life.

I WILL commit to maintaining constant pressure to fix our infrastructure problems that have
resulted in so much flooding.

I WILL work to get government out of your healthcare by leading in the effort to fully repeal the
Affordable Care Act.

I WILL seek opportunity to repeal any and all laws and regulations that violate the Constitution
and free market principles.

I WILL oppose all tax increases (net increases to revenue) and will support fundamental tax
reform (like the FAIRTax) that replaces the IRS tax code with a low single rate system that helps
Americans save money and build wealth.

I WILL work to implement free market solutions in healthcare that contribute to lowering the
cost of healthcare services.

I WILL never vote to raise the debt limit,without implementing corresponding spending
decreases that puts us on the path to a balanced budget amendment.

I WILL commit to reforming our immigration system, protecting the rule of law and supporting
those that enforce our nations’ borders.

I WILL vote to ensure we have the strongest most capable military in the world, and be responsible
in the service of our sons and daughters in the U.S. military.

work with local industries to develop programs to spur new business and develop
free-market solutions.

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