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David Balat, the only qualified candidate, releases healthcare plan, FreedomCare, to replace ObamaCare with a free-market solution

Houston, Texas – David Balat, a Healthcare professional and former Hospital CEO, is a Constitutional Conservative vying for the GOP nomination in Texas’ Second Congressional District. Balat is a healthcare executive, and not a politician, who understands the intricate field of healthcare and has released a plan to help solve the problems with a conservative common-sense approach.

“We need someone who understands healthcare in its entirety. No member of Congress has my experience to be able to handle a problem as complicated as healthcare. I am releasing my healthcare plan with the support of healthcare professionals in the field, because they know I am the right person with the right plan to get the job done. With premiums continuing to go up and families continuing to suffer, we need common-sense conservative solutions to help those struggling, and I am the only one in this race that is the offering the solution.”

Read the full healthcare plan here:

For questions please contact Donna Stanart at or (832) 915 – 0061.


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I wanted to thank you all for your support through this race. I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. We have done so much on the campaign trail…

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